So Many Scooters, So Little Time


When Razor Scooters first burst directly to the scene in 2000, many idea they may disappear into oblivion never to be heard from yet again. Instead, an entire new class of children’ amusement gear turned into born.The true Razor Scooter stays Razor USA’s pleasant selling item, even though the company has released a dizzying array of latest merchandise at the side of the “PowerWing Caster Scooter”, the “RipStik”, the e-Series Electric Scooters, the “Dirt Quad”, “Scream Machine”, “Pocket Mod” and masses of others. Some even speculate that Razor will in some unspecified time in the future come out with its personal line of electric automobiles.

In the wake of Razor’s out of the ordinary fulfillment, many copy cats emerged to rival the particular Razor Scooter together with the “Mico” Scooter, the “Xootr” and lots of Chinese knock-offs. RazorUSA even introduced numerous fashions primarily based at the particular push scooter idea. Despite the competition, Razor continues to dominate the frenzy scooter marketplace both in terms of reputation, variety and sturdiness. Consider this review from a mother on epionions.Com: “So are they still cool? Absolutely!! We’re the community hangout for children of all ages, and all of them flock to the razor scooter. Only the coolest of the cool have those… (oh, I cannot agree with I stated that!)… ”

So some distance, Razor’s listing of push scooters consists of the subsequent:

2-Wheeled Scooters

o A Scooter
o A2 Scooter
o A3 Scooter
o Pro Model Scooter
o Cruiser Scooter
o Carvr Scooter
o A5 Lux Adult Scooter

3-Wheeled Scooters

o Kiddie Kick Scooter
o PowerWing Caster Scooter

Given all of the picks, which one is high-quality for you or the one which you love?

Over the beyond severa years, I even have made a living promoting Razor Scooters. Based on my revel in, proper here are my recommendations:

By a protracted manner, the most popular version we promote is the Razor “Pro Model” Scooter. The “Pro Model” is well designed, is strong, appears cool and can take a beating. This scooter became designed through the Razor Team riders themselves, so it’s constructed for stunt and trick using. This scooter is for greater advanced riders aged 9 on up, despite the fact that the producer says the scooter is high-quality for kids as more youthful as 5.

Beginners ought to start with the “A” Scooter which carefully resembles the particular Razor scooter from 2000. It’s transportable, clean to revel in and is derived in an expansion of colors like Red, Black, Green, Blue or maybe Pink. It’s additionally very much less pricey – in no way greater than $30. Variations in this scooter include the “A2” and “A3”. The “A2” includes a wheelie bar so riders can begin appearing stunts and might add a piece greater range to their driving. The “A3” is just like the “A2” besides it has shocks at the the front wheel and larger 125mm wheels – it’s shape of the Cadillac of the A series Razor Scooters. These scooters are for children 5 and up consistent with the producer. There is also the Purple “A2” Scooter for those seeking out a without a doubt particular enjoy.

For infants, Razor makes the “Kiddie Kick” Scooter which has 3 wheels and is made for four to five 365 days olds who need to familiarize themselves with the area of kick scooting. Because it has 3 wheels, it is easy to face on so children don’t need to have completely developed balancing abilities to revel in it.

For the modern-day in new scooting technology, there’s the Razor “PowerWing” which has end up very famous because it represents every different twist on the evolution in asphalt pastime that has come to dominate metropolis landscapes for the reason that invention of the skateboard inside the 1960’s. You’ve likely seen the commercials for the “PowerWing” on TV, but if now not, you can do a search on YouTube and discover a duplicate there. The “PowerWing” remains so new that kids are figuring out how to show it proper right into a stunt riding equipment; no question we’re going to see a few exciting tricks executed on it inside the coming months. The “PowerWing” is ideal for kids aged six and up.

The “Carvr” scooter is a totally weird hybrid among a skateboard and a scooter. It’s slightly really really worth citing in my opinion due to the truth it’s miles no longer an remarkable dealer the least bit and it in reality seems like a mutant “scootboard” that need to be located out of its misery – rapid. No doubt RazorUSA will stop this object a while in the near destiny.

What approximately teenage and person riders?

Again, the Pro Model scooter is the maximum well-known younger individual scooter that we sell as it has turn out to be a form of city phenomenon that competitors each skateboarding and BMX. The stunts riders carry out in this unit are really exquisite and there are hundreds of YouTube films available to reveal it – a small fraction of which may be on our web web site. Because of its extensive enchantment, the “Pro Model” Scooter is a super trip for kids old and young – even university youngsters use it as a commuter car among schooling.

If your interest is generally transportation, then you can want to check out Razor’s line of massive scooters – the “Cruiser” Scooter and the “A5 Luxe” Scooter. The “Cruiser” Scooter is cool due to the fact its large wooden deck offers it a traditional revel in and may accommodate large ft. It moreover has large 140mm wheels giving it a chunk extra top.

The “A5 Luxe” Scooter with 200mm wheels is by using way of a protracted manner the closest element Razor has to a push commuter vehicle. We clearly commenced promoting this scooter and already we have visible it gain traction short. Even I need one! I’m sure we’ll see this scooter pop up across campuses or even place of job parks national in coming months. It’s smooth to keep and because it’s foldable, it is able to be taken at the subway or even proper up the elevator. Once Razor presents the cup holder, you could just need to ditch your car.

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